Pillow Cleaning & Restoration Services in Raleigh & Cary

Have you ever heard of pillow restoration?  It is a really cool process that I want to share with you because it helps our environment, makes for a healthier home for our customer and costs significantly less than purchasing a new pillow.


Area Rug Cleaning Services in Raleigh & Cary

Area rugs are rarely overlooked but often ignored. If you have noticed gradual staining on an area rug in your home, have it professionally cleaned by the experts at Medlin-Davis today.

From oriental and wool to braided and needlepoint, we clean area rugs of all materials. Our process is gentle on fabric yet effective at removing stains.


Bed Linen Cleaning Services in Raleigh & Cary

If you have never slept on freshly cleaned and pressed bed linens you owe yourself a treat!  It’s like a Five Star hotel experience in your own home.


Table Linen Cleaning Services in Raleigh & Cary

Medlin-Davis Cleaners understands that the appearance of your table linens sets the stage for the occasion whether it is for a formal gathering, a family holiday or just a casual meal.


Bedspread & Comforter Cleaning Services in Raleigh & Cary

Because of its daily use, we recommend that you clean your bedspread or comforter every four months especially if you have a four legged friend that joins you at night!