The L Downtown Raleigh

Exclusive Cleaner Services

Welcome to Medlin-Davis Cleaners!  We have partnered up with L Downtown Raleigh Apartments to provide you with the best and most convenient dry cleaning and laundry services in town.  

Pickup & Delivery Dates

Tuesday & Friday

How Does It Work?

We come by The L every Tuesday and Friday.  Anything we pick up Tuesday comes back Friday and anything we pick up Friday comes back the following Tuesday.  We pick up and deliver from the leasing office.

We furnish you with a personalized laundry bag and a hanger caddy to put your old hangers in (once it is full just place it out with your order and we will recycle the hangers for you)

How do I pay?

There is no additional charge for the pick-up and delivery service.  We attach a receipt to your clothes and bill on a monthly basis. You can choose to have your statement sent to you via mail or e-mail.  For payment, you can provide us with a charge card that we automatically charge at the end of each month.

What Services Does Medlin Davis Provide The L Apartments?

Laundered shirts
Dry cleaning
Wash, Dry and Fold
Bed Sheets
Table Linens
Area Rugs
Pillow Restoration
Wedding gowns

How to Start Services

There are three ways to start using these convenient laundry services.

    1. Get Started In-Person
      Simply go to the leasing office and ask for a Medlin-Davis laundry bag and application.  Complete the application and put it in the bag with your clothes and leave it at the leasing office for pick-up.
    1. By Phone
      Call us at 919-524-2845
  1. Online
    Submit the form on this page.

Start Services Online